EquipmentGram helps buyers and sellers of construction equipment in making more informed buying and selling decisions through instant equipment usage and history reports

Verified Claims

Verify claims about the history of construction equipment in order to have better informed buying and selling decisions

Time reduction

Reducing the time spent figuring out the history of construction equipment would free up time to be spent on other things

Increased Competence

Helps in increasing competence when it comes to buying and selling construction equipment

Smoother Buying Experience

The goal of EquipmentGram is to aid our customers in having the smoothest buying and selling experience possible


Below are the different payment options for EquipmentGram reports. 



  • Single Reports



  • For 5 or more reports bought at once

Frequently asked questions

EquipmentGram is a service which allows owners of used construction equipment to retrieve construction equipment usage history data from their construction equipment which use telematics systems so that such data can be sent to prospective buyers who want to ascertain the history of their construction equipment. Conversely, potential customers have the ability to send construction equipment usage report request to those they want to buy construction equipment from. 

EquipmentGram is run on the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) 2.0 API which allows the retrieval of telematics data from a wide range of construction equipment manufacturers (e.g. Caterpilar, John Deere, Volvo, Komatsu, Case Construction, New Holland Construction, and JCB). 

EquipmentGram is intended for anyone who wants to buy or sell used construction equipment and who needs to ascertain the usage history of the equipment being bought.

As already stated, a seller of used construction equipment which has telematics data, can have their data sent to prospective buyers.

Buyers of used equipment can send request for reports from potential selles of construction equipment which they want to buy.

A single report cost $100. 

Five or more reports requested at once cost $75 per report.

In interviewing a member of an industry which makes extensive use of construction equipment for his industry which supplies the construction industry, he informed us that he had always wondered why “Carfax for construction equipment” does not exist. He went on to inform us that he definitely sees himself making extensive use of such a service. 

Upon doing some basic research and seeing the nature of the construction equipment manufacturing industry and the market for used construction equipment, it was decided that such an idea would be worth going after after investigating the logistics required such as the technology. 

All telematics data is owned by the individual owners of construction equipment or the businesses which own them. 

Thus under no circumstances will reports be generated for anyone who is not an owner of a piece of construction equipment and who does not have authorization to access or view such data. 

This is why reports cannot be generated unless owners generate reports which they request to be sent to specific individuals or organizations or individuals who have interest in buying specific construction equipment make request to the owners of such equipment to generate reports for them which they can view. 

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